Annual Activities

The annual activities at Zhong Shan help students develop a healthy body and mind, and also unite the studentsˇ¦spirits.

Volleyball Competition


The Volleyball competition is one of the most welcomed activities here, since volleyball is the traditional sport of the school. We have  competitions every year in December and April. The sophomores always help freshmen practice their postures, motions, and encourage them. While playing volleyball, we do not care about victory or defeat too much because it reveals our sprit. 


The School Anniversary

The greatest activity in Zhong Shan is the school anniversary, which falls on December 8th. We celebrate it by many shows and races, like aerobics performance, singing contest, relay race, and so on. For the purpose of doing a great job on that day, we try our best to strengthen our relationship between classmates.

Aerobics Competition


The Aerobics Competition is the first contest that every tenth grader should take part in. The aerobics dance, which was created by one of our PE teachers,  looks energetic when students do it. Every tenth grader practices hard in order to show the united spirit of their class.

Fun Fair Garden Party


We have a fun fair garden party every year, which is the feature of the school anniversary. In the fair, every class has their subject, and the students use their creativity to come up with some special goods that are related to the subject and sell them at the stall.

Relay Race



The Spring Ball

The ball of our school is really popular among students. Students from lots of school join us on this day. It is always held in spring. The student council invites singers and other performers to our ball.


Literature Month of Mr. Lin Wen-Yue

Our school also randomly holds special activities. In 2007, the school held the literature month of Mrs. Lin Wen-Yue, who graduated from our school. She is one of the important female prose writers in Taiwan.





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