Our campus promotes studentˇ¦s learning at school. The environment provides students with beautiful alleys and places to relax. The buildings, each one possess their own history. Also, the classrooms offer the best environment for studying regular and specific subjects.


The Maple Alley


This is the Maple Alley. With the many maple trees in Zhong Shan, "maple" is the symbol of our school.

Sunrise Boulevard


The Sunrise Boulevard is the walkway you first walk in as you enter our school. It derives the name from that the sun shines on their faces when students enter the campus in the morning.

Literature Walkway


The Literature Walkway displays studentsˇ¦ prose and poems. Our school hopes that students can be more creative in writing, so students are encouraged to contribute our Chinese prose or poems. Every two weeks, a writing contest is held. If someoneˇ¦s work is chosen, she will be given reward and her works will be posted here as an award. In this way, students also appreciate each other's works and thereby improve their writing ability.

Jing-Yin Platform


The Jin-in Platform, which means the elite platform, is named by all the students. For the literal meaning, it is ˇ¨the platform of cherry blossom trees,ˇ¨ and we really have some cherry blossom on the platform. There are some tables and chairs for students to have their lunch or afternoon tea there.


Yat-Sen Building

The Yat-Sen Building was established in 1936 by the Japanese. It is the oldest building in our school, and it is for the use of 12th graders. It is named after our nation founder, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, in commemorate of his great deeds.  

Other Buildings

There are other buildings in our school, including the Zhuang-Jing Building for the 10th graders,  the Zhong-Shan Building and the Zi-Jiang Building for the 11th graders and classrooms of some specific subjects.

                  The Zhuang-Jing Building                                                                                                                                    The   
Zi-Jiang Building
img7.gifThe Zhong Shan Building

 The Science Hall



In the Science Hall there are some laboratories for specific subjects and also the Planetarium, which is in the basement. We can project about 3500 fixed stars, and simulate not only every kind of exercise in the sky but also the sky from any degree of latitude .


img13.gifThe auditorium. It is a four-floored building, including the first 2 floors as the auditorium and third to fourth floor for the gymnasium. Our school often invites some distinguished people to perform or deliver speeches to the students. Some competitions are also held here. It can accommodate about two thousand students. As for the gymnasium, students can play badminton, table tennis, volleyball or basketball.

 The New Buildings


By 2009, there will be more space for learning because the new buildings will be completed. Once they are completed, we will have a seven-story main structure, with two stories structure underground, a swimming pool, 3 conference rooms, a two-story library, 24 regular classrooms,.12 offices, about 20 classrooms for specific subjects, and a big parking lot.


Regular Classrooms


In the regular classrooms, there are an electronic podium and a projector in every classroom, this is very special of our school. With the computer in the electronic podium, teachers can show their power point or movies, thus teaching more efficiently.

Specialized Classrooms

Here are some other classrooms for specific subjects, including Home-Economics Classroom, Computer Science Classroom, Physics Laboratory and Library. These special classrooms can help students learn by doing it themselves.


Our school really provides students with a great learning environment. However, the great learning environment has to combine with great learning resources. In this regard, our school does it very well. 






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