A Day in Zhong Shan

Students often arrive at school around 7 o'clock in the morning and
clean the campus. In the morning, there are four classes, and each one
lasts for 50 minutes. Between each classes, students have a 10 minute
break. At 10 o'clock, the break is longer, which lasts for 20 minutes.
During this 20 minute break, students do the cleaning job  if it is not
completed in the morning.


At noon, students have lunch first and then take a nap. For the lunch,
students can choose to eat in the classroom or the Jing-yin platform.
As for the food, they often bring their own lunch boxes to school, and
put them in the heater in the morning.  At noon, the lunch boxes would
be nicely heated.
Students without their lunch boxes  buy some food at canteen.

After having the lunch, students have their nap time. Students can
take a nap, doing homework or preview lessons .

In the afternoon, students have another 4 classes, again taking a
10 minute break between each class period. Students normally go
home at 5: 10 in the afternoon, but students without their 8th  class
can go home earlier, at 4:10.







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