History of ZhongShan

The 1st Phase : ¡§The First Affiliated Mandarin School¡¨   1897-1922

With a long history, our was founded in 1897 in Japanese reign period. It was named as ¡§the First Affiliated Mandarin School." As the first school for Taiwanese females, it became the seed for Taiwan female education and female secondary education. It first situated in Shilin, and then moved to Neijiang Street in Ximen Zone. At the beginning of Zhongshan, the curriculum included Japanese language, weaves and tailor. A few years later, the school further provided etiquette, home economics, arithmetic, music, calligraphy, painting and PE lessons.

The 2nd Phase : "Taipei Provincial Third Girls' High School"   1922-1945

In 1922, the name of the school was changed into "Taipei Provincial Third Girls' High School." During this period, the school moved to the present location in 1937. The Yat-Sen building was established in 1936 as the only building for the school at that time. It now becomes a 3rd level historic site. Although the curriculum was similar to the first period, more subjects were added, such as geography, history, science, Chinese language. This was designed to be the basis of later normal education. 


archery club

The 3rd Phase: ¡§Taiwan Provincial Taipei Second Girls' High School¡¨  1945-1967

After Taiwan was decolonized, the name of the school was changed into Taiwan Provincial Taipei Second Girls¡¦ High School on December 8th, 1945. The date became the birthday of our school. After decolonization, the curriculum was slightly changed. The Japanese language, history and geography were replaced by Chinese language, history and geography. Also, the civic right lessons were added.  The student clubs, the Chinese drama club and the western drama club, and basketball team were national-wide famous during this period.

The 4th Phase:  ¡§Taipei Municipal Zhong Shan Girls¡¦ High School¡¨ 1967-now

In 1967, the school was finally named " Taipei Municipal Zhong Shan Girls¡¦ High School," which is the name up to now. There are two sources about the name of our school. One is that the school was named after our nation founding father, Dr. Sun Zhong-shan to commemorate him. The other is that it was named by the district the school was in¡Xthe Zhongshan district.

In 2008, the school will have been founded for 111 years. No matter what the source of the name is, our school holds the belief to develop whole-person education and creates the environment which best promotes learning. Our school has nurtured over 60,000 female elites as one of the top school for female education.










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