Zhong Shan Girls・ High School was founded in Shilin, Taipei, in 1897 as the pioneer girls・ high school in Taiwan area. The school was moved to Nei Jiang Street in 1922 and officially named :The Third Senior Girls・ School of Taipei State.; In 1937, the school was relocated to its present site on Chang An East Road. It was renamed as :Taiwan Provincial Taipei Second Girls・ High School; in 1945 and as :Taipei Municipal Zhong Shan Girls・ High School; in 1967. The incumbent principal, Yang Shin Ruey, took office in 2010. For now there are totally 73 classes with up to 3,000 students at Zhong Shan.

@With a warm and well-refined school spirit, Zhong Shan has nurtured numerous leaders since the end of the 19th century. Moving on to the 21st century, Zhong Shan will adhere to its school motto: :Sincerity, Integrity, Curiosity and Wisdom; and its five core values: :Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, Gratitude and Discipline; in order to continue cultivating world-class female elites.






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