Student clubs

All clubs in our school can represent the spirit of students' hardwork, responsibility, and talents of Zhong ShaníŽs students. The following are some clubs in our school:



The club, Maples, is a club of student ambassadors. It was established eight years ago. To be a good student ambassador, MaplesíŽ members must have good manners, attitude and English ability. All of the members have already taken tests before all other students choosing clubs to join in. MaplesíŽ mission is receiving guests from foreign countries. MaplesíŽ members introduce Taiwan, Taipei, and our school to the guests, and also make them feel at ease in their visit.


The Color Guard


The Color Guard in our school was the first team established in Taiwan. The members wave the flags and dance with music. In important events such as the Double Tenth National Day or school anniversary, the Color Guard will be invited to the celebration ceremony to perform.


The Marching Band


Marching Band, which often performs with the Color Guard, pursues excellence in performance. With this regard, the members practice every morning, afternoon and even in the evening. Because of their hard work, they always get good comment from audience and is often awarded in contests.


Chinese Orchestra Club

The Chinese Orchestra club, students learn the traditional instruments and practice. Not all of the members have learned their instruments before, but they always perform well in contests after the training and practicing in clubs.







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