Students and Classes

The number of the students is about three thousand. In this academic school, learning takes places in different forms. Besides the formal instruction in the classroom, students are encouraged to take part in a variety of extracurricular activities. Also, our students are expected to become critical thinkers and autonomous learners. Most of all, we hope that they would leave this school with competences, confidence, desirable attitudes and visions with which they could make contributions to the global world.  In Zhong-shan, there are 73 classes in total, including 6 gifted classes.


Credits and Courses


Students are required to have 160 credits for graduation. One credit is given after 18 hours of learning. The number of credits for sujects vary according to the learning hours.


Although the learning hours are roughly the same among different grade of students, the distribution of subject is slightly different. Take the 11th graders for example, they have 16 subjects in one semester, which means 36 hours a week.

Four to five hours a week:   Chinese, English, math

Two hours a week:    history, geography, citizen and society, earth science, chemistry, art, PE, home economics

One hour a week:     weekly meeting, class weekly meeting,  club time, music, military training

The course for gifted classes

The course design for these two classes is flexible to some extent. We break through the fixed framework and add some innovative elements to the classes. In the past few years, the result of the gifted classes has received a lot of positive feedback. Using them as models, we are going to promote the elements to regular classes and hope to have a greater impact on learning and teaching.


Student Academic Performance

Students in our school do excellent work on the studies under teachers・ belief--the purpose of education is to cultivate students・ independent thinking. Because of the teachers・ instructions and the students・ hard work, the percentage of admission to universities in our school is very high. The percentage of admission to universities was nearly 100 percent in the past 4 years. In February 2006, Wang Li-wen, who was a senior in our school, got full marks on the Chinese writing test. She is the only student of all 150,000 high school students who took the college entrance exam in our country.






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